About the Journal

Educational Research in Universal Sciences (ERUS, ISSN 2181-3515) is an international scientific journal published monthly in electronic form. The journal is open to all young researchers, students, masters, professors and doctoral students, as well as staff of secondary schools.
The main purpose of the journal is to acquaint researchers around the world with modern ideas, to revitalize their scientific activities, to increase their scientific prestige and potential, to increase their participation in various innovative researches, to increase the scientific and practical significance of research and disseminate it to the general public.
The journal Educational Research in Universal Sciences (ERUS) is indexed in about 10 international databases and articles are accepted in the following areas:

1. Philological sciences
2. Pedagogical sciences
3. Social sciences and humanities
4. Exact sciences
5. Natural sciences
6. Economics
7. Psychological sciences
8. Arts and Culture
9. Medical sciences
10. Technical sciences

The scientific journal accepts articles in the following languages:
Uzbek, Russian, English, German, Kazakh, Tajik, Karakalpak