• Aziza G‘ayrat qizi Jo‘rayeva Student of SamSIFL
  • Farangiz Xaydar qizi Baxrullayeva Student of SamSIFL
  • Zaynab Azimjonovna Shermamatova Scientific supervisor


Language acquisition, gamification, digital language apps, immersive learning, student engagement, language skill development, adaptive learning systems.


The growing prevalence of game-based learning has led to a renaissance in English language education, offering dynamic and engaging methods for language acquisition and skill development. This article examines the multifaceted importance of game-based learning in English education, elucidating its cognitive, motivational, and pedagogical impact. By exploring the benefits, challenges, and broad applications of game-based learning, this article seeks to underscore the critical role of games in fostering language acquisition, promoting engagement, and providing a contextualized and immersive language learning experience. Furthermore, it aims to analyze the diverse types of games utilized within English education, from digital platforms to in-classroom activities, while providing insight into effective implementation strategies and successful case studies. Through an in-depth investigation, this article aims to highlight the transformative potential of game-based learning in shaping the future of English language instruction.


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